A three-day learning event, held at Makerere University Kampala, aimed to share knowledge and experience of crisis response approaches driven by the affected population.

From Voices to Choices – expanding crisis affected people’s influence over aid and response decisions.

People affected by crisis take decisions every day about how to best use their capacities and the resources available to them to meet their specific needs. When it comes to the assistance meant to support them in doing so, however, people continue to report that they “feel unable to participate in decisions that affect them.” After decades of having conversations about putting people at the center of assistance and disaster response, the international community is still falling short.

Creative and innovative people all around the world are already implementing approaches and methods that respect the importance of local agency, supporting the population affected by crisis and filling gaps only as needed.

In order to take stock and drive these efforts forward, ReflACTION has opted to convene an exchange and learning event on the importance of locally led crisis response. The Innovation Forum aimed to:

  • be a space to listen to crisis-affected people and those working with them at community level
  • bring together crisis response practitioners and initiatives
  • show what approaches already exist, as well as their potential for addressing critical needs during crisis response and displacement scenarios
  • explore methods for large scale transformation of the current aid and response system
  • connect practitioners utilizing these approaches in order to encourage mutual learning
  • link these initiatives with aid agencies and donors committed to apply these approaches and methods directly in crises contexts


Group 1 – Members of affected populations and local aid workers

Group 2 – Practitioners and service providers from the region and from international initiatives

Group 3 – Agency practitioners and donors engaged in crisis response ready to apply new approaches and methods