Are you passionate about your work and ready for new ways of working in crisis contexts?

Do you agree that crisis-affected people have capacities to respond to crises? Are you curious to find out about those? 

Are you courageous to step into new territory and are you willing to engage differently by actually listening openly and by taking decisions collaboratively?

ReflACTION is inviting individuals and organisations to apply new ways of working in their working contexts, in newly conceived interventions or in the contexts of existing programmes. If this is for you, let us know and we will have a conversation and determine what wants to be done.  

Ways to get involved

  • Follow the discussion in ReflACTION sessions and discussion groups
  • Hear about news and opportunities via the ReflACTION-Slack-Channel
  • Learn new ways of working in ReflACTION-related trainings
  • Participate in one of our pilot interventions as a supporter and learner
  • Address one of your challenges with an intervention in your own working context
  • And more

Don’t hesitate to get involved.

It is easy, free of charge, joyful and very rewarding.

Send us a friendly email still today 🙂